May 24th at 4:00PM Reiki & Reflexology in the Cave




1 hr

 **Prepayment for class is required through Saltitude. No refunds once payment has been made. Prepay Via phone or they can send you an invoice to be paid online. **

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About the Course

Join PJ of Saltitude and Madeline of Healing with Madeline for a collaboration of Reiki Healing and Reflexology in the Himalayan Salt Cave! This dynamic duo is pairing up to provide the ultimate relaxation experience.

During a one hour Immersive & Meditative Salt Session, Madeline and PJ will be providing 30 minutes (each) of Reiki & Reflexology to each guest, for one whole hour of complete relaxation. Services will be provided in our zero gravity chairs. There will be two guests in the cave at one time (If not booked together, the space will be shared with one other guest).

Date: 5/24 Sessions offered at 4pm and 5pm Limit 2 guests per session Cost: $150 Per person

Includes 1 hour Salt Therapy, 30 Minutes of Reflexology, 30 minutes of Reiki.

Reservations required. To Book: Please contact saltitude at 401-359-7937 or email

Reflexology is based on principle that there reflex areas in both the hands and the feet which correlate and correspond to organs and systems of the body. The primary goal of reflexology is to reduce stress and tension throughout the body. Reflexology should not be confused with massage. Through the use of proper stimulation of the reflex areas, nerve and blood supply are improved which aids the body to naturally come into balance. Doctors agree that over 75% of our health problems can be linked to nervous stress and tension.

Reiki is a specific form of energy healing, in which hands are placed just off the body or lightly touching the body, as in “laying on of hands.” Reiki healings have been practiced since 1922. In a Reiki session, the practitioner seeks to transmit Universal Life Energy to the client. The intention is to create deep relaxation, to help speed healing, reduce pain, and decrease other symptoms you may be experiencing. Reiki is always used for your highest and greatest good, it can be a very emotional and releasing (crying) experience. Due to COVID, Reiki in the cave is currently done standing behind you as you lay back in the Zero gravity chair. We may gently touch your head, neck, shoulders and upper arms if you are comfortable with that, and hover over the rest of your body. If you prefer not to be touched directly then hovering can be done the whole time. Clearing and balancing Chakras will also be done during Reiki: Chakra (cakra in Sanskrit) means “wheel” and refers to energy points in your body. They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay “open” and aligned, as they correspond to bundles of nerves, major organs, and areas of our energetic body that affect our emotional and physical well-being.

PJ is the Owner of Saltitude Himalayan Salt Cave, a Reiki Practitioner and Meditation and Mindfulness Coach. See less

Vaccinated: Masks Optional

Unvaccinated: Masks Required.

White Socks required for the salt floor

Your Instructor

Madeline and PJ

Madeline and PJ