May 18th at 6:00PM Hypnotherapy Talk & Salt Session for Relaxation




2 hrs

 **Prepayment for class is required through Saltitude. No refunds once payment has been made. Prepay Via phone or they can send you an invoice to be paid online. **

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About the Course

Join Madeline Cueroni, of Healing with Madeline and discuss the many myths and Facts about Hypnotherapy. There will be a Discussion about what Hypnotherapy is and is not. After the discussion, you will be invited into the Salt Cave for a Hypnotherapy Session with Salt Therapy for Relaxation.

With the help of our Certified Hypnotherapist you will be guided into a state of relaxation, known as the alpha state. This is the state that you find yourself in many times during the day, for example, when you are driving a long distance and suddenly find yourself much farther down the road than you realized. Or when you are engaged in reading a good book and you find more time than you realized has gone by. You will be guided into this altered state of awareness, (the alpha state). You may be aware of and hear everything that is being said during a session yet, your subconscious will be more susceptible to suggestions and directions that are intended to assist you in making the positive behavioral and physical changes that you desire.

Cost: $55 Date: Wednesday May 18th Time: 6pm-8pm

To Reserve your spot: Contact Saltitude at 401-359-7937 or email Space is very limited.

Vaccinated: Masks Optional

Unvaccinated: Masks Required.

White Socks required for the salt floor

Your Instructor

Madeline Cueroni

Madeline Cueroni