July 20th at 6:00PM Chakra Series - Healing with Madeline- Seventh Chakra




2 hrs

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About the Course

Introduction to the Chakra’s Series: The Seven Chakra’s (Sanskrit for Wheels of Light)

Each class will focus on one chakra. We will talk about the effect a blocked chakra may have and about ways to help unblock that particular chakra.

You will be provided with a list of various foods, crystals and essential oils that will benefit each center. The class will end with listening to the sound of the chakra as well as a Short Guided Meditation directed to each chakra with positive affirmations. The meditation will take place in the Himalayan Salt Cave, and a Salt therapy session will be included.

This series is designed as an introduction to the chakras. Feel free to pop in for all seven, or pick and choose class by class. Cost: $60 per Class Time: 6pm-8pm (approximately 2 hours) To Book: Call Saltitude 401-359-7937, message us on facebook, or email saltituderi@gmail.com.

Prepayment and Registration are required.

Each class will have a brief description of each chakra, both when in balance and out of balance.

7th Class: (July 20th) The Seventh Chakra: The Crown (Sahasrara) This chakra is associated with bliss, enlightenment, pure consciousness, and divine love. When the crown chakra is balanced, there are feelings of spiritual balance, the ability to release attachment to negativity, the ability to overcome cynicism and the sensation of connection to a higher consciousness.

Some of the most common symptoms of a blocked Crown chakra are: • Disconnection from the spirit

• Chronic cynicism regarding the sacred

• Feeling lost in your head and disconnected from the physical body and environment

• Being closed minded

• Obsessing over spiritual issues

Vaccinated: Masks Optional

Unvaccinated: Masks Required.

White Socks required for the salt floor

Your Instructor

Madeline Cueroni

Madeline Cueroni